If you need help, Christian Science practitioners are ready to assist through prayer. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of practitioners in Ottawa, as well as those around the world, are published in The Christian Science Journal, a monthly periodical available at the Reading Room. Practitioners are experienced Christian Scientists who devote themselves full-time to the healing ministry on a professional basis.

Under the authority of the Church Manual, practitioners do make a charge for their professional services, and Journal-listed practitioners are not permitted to have any other income-earning profession (except within the church itself).

Christian Science Practitioner
Sandra Balderston CS | Office: 613.421.8057



Christian Science Teacher and Practitioner
Lyle Young CSB | Office: 613.741.0039

Class instruction is a two-week course available to those seeking a deeper understanding of the application of divine law and the spiritual healing it brings.
Membership with a Christian Science church is not required.

The Christian Science Journal has a listing of authorized Christian Science teachers and practitioners worldwide.

More about class instruction.